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Family to me is the most important thing in my life. My husband and my little boy George are my world and it’s a world packed full of characters and relationships that spin around us in a whirlpool of good times.

My family photography is about documenting your lives, and the relationships you have with your children in the most natural and relaxed way I can. It’s the cliche to end all cliches but time moves so fast so these sessions are about freezing time still for just a couple of hours so that you have a record of what life was like, just as it was, right there in that minute.

From Mum’s to be and their gorgeous bumps, crinkly and cuddly newborns, curious babies trying things out for the first time, to stroppy toddlers and too cool for school teens I create stylish, creative photos you will love forever.


Far from the world of newborns wearing hats in baskets and cake smashes in a studio my sessions often take place either in the familiarity of your own home or somewhere you love to be. Be it Camber Sands or the pebbles of Whitstable or the muddy puddles and towering trees of the woods, these shoots about capturing you and your family’s character without posing or props.

It’s about taking ordinary day to day life and photographing the extraordinary within it. The little giggles and smirks, or a caring hand wiping away a tear, or even Mum doing her best to keep a serious straight face whilst giving her little one a telling off even though secretly she thought it was hilarious.

To be me, this is where the magic is and the photos that really matter.


We had the loveliest day with Hannah, she put us all so at ease and our baby boy enjoyed himself loads – oblivious to his photo being taken! The photos are amazing, incredibly special and we will treasure them forever.

Tamara & Steve

Such incredible photos, we can’t pick which ones to print! We’re going to need a bigger wall… Hannah, it was such fun to have you take pictures of us with Isaac. You have captured some very special smiles and we loved having you here. You rock!

Camilla & David

An Afternoon With The Taggs | Documentary Family Photography

7th August 2017 Families, Uncategorised

Last month I visited the Taggs in their gorgeous home in SW London for a documentary family photography session as an extra special Fathers Day present. These An Afternoon With…sessions have been wonderful this summer and I’ve loved every single one. This one was especially fun and their little girl was just a complete bundle of excitement and cheekiness and a complete dream to take photos of. From making (pretend) tea and cakes for us to jumping up and down…

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