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For me, as a wedding photographer my focus and the thing above all else that gets my blood pumping the most is creating images that will live on as a visual memory of one of the happiest days in your lives.

Not just how it looked, much more than that…. how it felt. Wiping happy tears from your face, nerves building to breaking point, uncontrollable laughter, Grandma’s face as she lunges for another G&T. You’ll see that throughout my portfolio, this website and ultimately, your wedding photos.

This is the only day in your whole life you’re going to have a wedding so I’ll be there all day long, typically two hours before the ceremony until an hour or so after the first dance. I’ll be super close to you at times because you never get the chance to go back and take that photo again. You get one shot at it and standing on the sidelines with an enormous paparazzi lens isn’t good enough. All I ask is that you relax and trust me to tell your story. It’s such a privilege to be allowed to not only witness those special moments like your Fathers tears, the touch of a hand, or a fist punching the sky in celebration. But to be able to capture that so that something that was over in the blink of an eye can last forever.

Wedding photography can often be like a tick list. Venue shot. Bouquet shot. Shoe shot. That’s not what I do and I want to be pretty upfront about that right now. There. I’ve said it.

I’m not a huge “details” photographer. As beautiful as your shoes and dress are, rather than take your dress away and photograph it hanging in a tree I’d rather be taking the photo of the smile that spreads across your face when you step into it and look in the mirror for the first time and realise that you look and feel amazing.

Your favourite shots after the wedding I guarantee will never be on the Must Have List that you find on every blog or in wedding magazines. Because they don’t know that your Best Man might start to serenade your Mum in the middle of your Dads speech or that you could be wiping the tears from your Grooms face as you meet him at the altar. It’s the real moments that matter above everything else and it’s these that motivate me each time I pick up my cameras.

The vast majority of what I do is relaxed and unscripted, it’s hands off and it’s better than way. But there will be a couple of times during the day when I’ll offer a little more direction. Firstly, to do a short collection of family photographs. I do my best to keep this short and sweet as no one wants to be stood in a line all day with smile fixed until their face hurts. Secondly I’ll spend a little time with you making some portraits that will make you smile and remember just how gorgeous you felt right there at that time. We’ll do the postcard shot, arm in arm, staring towards the camera. The shot your Nan will put in a frame and put on her mantlepiece. But then we’ll get into it some more. I’ll make you laugh, I’ll put you at ease, I’ll probably bump into something or fluff my camera settings once or twice but you’ll just laugh all the more and the more relaxed you get, the better the photos get.

These photos are wonderful but they don’t just happen in an instant. You need to warm up a bit and shake off the nerves. Having said that, I’ll never ever take you away for hours on end. If you can give me 30minutes in amongst an 8hr day then that would be perfect.

Normally what happens now is if you like what you’ve seen and read, and you think this is something that could really work then drop me an enquiry via the Contact Form and we’ll schedule a little Skype or Phone call one week day and chat some more.

Booking is super easy. I just ask you fill in a little online  booking form and pay a £400 deposit and then you’re 100% booked in. You can then put your feet up, have a cup of tea and relax! Your wedding is an amazing opportunity to have all of your friends and family in the same room at the same time and it’s a once in a lifetime chance to document the stories and relationships that exist between them.

Ultimately, I believe in marriage, I believe in family, I believe in love and I firmly believe that I can make photos for you that will continue to make you smile years and years from now.

We had the loveliest day with Hannah, she put us all so at ease and our baby boy enjoyed himself loads – oblivious to his photo being taken! The photos are amazing, incredibly special and we will treasure them forever.

Tamara & Steve

Such incredible photos, we can’t pick which ones to print! We’re going to need a bigger wall… Hannah, it was such fun to have you take pictures of us with Isaac. You have captured some very special smiles and we loved having you here. You rock!

Camilla & David

An Afternoon With The Taggs | Documentary Family Photography

7th August 2017 Families, Uncategorised

Last month I visited the Taggs in their gorgeous home in SW London for a documentary family photography session as an extra special Fathers Day present. These An Afternoon With…sessions have been wonderful this summer and I’ve loved every single one. This one was especially fun and their little girl was just a complete bundle of excitement and cheekiness and a complete dream to take photos of. From making (pretend) tea and cakes for us to jumping up and down…

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